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    Quartz Crystal Resonators (XTAL)
The Piezoelectric effect from a quartz plate vibrates at pre-defined mode and generates a stable output frequency when excited with current. 
  Crystal Clock Oscillators (XOs)
A packaged electronic circuit creates a signal with precise frequency and wave form resulting from the mechanical resonance of a Piezo crystal. 

EMI Reduction Clock Oscillators (SSXOs)
Spread Spectrum technology is used in XO to spread out the peak radiation engery over the whole spectrum. EMI is reduced.

 Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs)
A varactor diode is added in XO so that its output frequency can be tuned up and down by an external voltage

  Temperature Compensated  Crystal   Oscillators  (TCXOs)
 A XO with temperature compensation circuitryresults 
in much stable frequency over wide operating temperature range.

  Voltage Controlled Temperature
 Compensated Crystal Oscillators   (VCTCXOs)

A XO with the voltage control plus temperature compensation capabilities combined.

 Oven Controlled Crystal  Oscillators (OCXOs)
A XO with its crystal vibrates at a controlled temperature point achieved by an automatic on/off heating oven
  Inductive Proximity Sensors (IPSs)
Metal presence in the defined range changes the electromagnetic field and makes the circuit (the switch) on or off 


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