Product Table: Inductive Proximity Sensors (LPSs)

Mirow Brand. Metal Detecting Inductive Proximity Sensors.

2.5 V. 4 µA Operating Current. Industry’s lowest.


  • Operable with Solar Cells or one Single Battery
  • Ultra-low power supply voltage levels from +2.5V to +27V
  • Fast start-up time of 20 µ seconds typical
  • Fast response time of 200 µ seconds typical
  • Normally closed or normally open NMOS switching output options
  • 2-wire or 3-wire cabling available
  • Custom housing, mounting & sensing distances are available
  • Patent No. USA 9,140,579
     Product Description Photos
     M18M2 (2-wire, True-Off™ Series)

     M18M3 (3-wire) 
    Shielded M18 metal cylinder, IP65. Available in normally closed and normally open.

    "True-Off™": See leakage current comparison, 0.459 mA from brand X vs 0.003 mA from Mercury M18M2.

     UIPS1 (Demo board) Demo board for your evaluation and custom integration.
     Sensor housing and mounting can be customerized and
     tailored per your requirement. 

    M18M3: (Cylinder 3-wire sensor).

    MPRF: (Tx and Rx boards).

    Use "MPRF-01" for the complete set.

     M18M3 sensor with RF wireless capability.
     Including a transmitter board, a receiver
     board and a battery holder. See M18M3
    MPRF in action: 
     M3SP1 IP-68 waterproof for under-water   applcations. The ABS plastic housing is   encapsulated with marine grade   encapsulant. Available in normally closed   and normally open.
 Ordering CodeDescriptionSupply Voltage Range (D.C.)Supply Current (max.)Output SwitchingHousing SizeTermination StyleOperating TemperatureSpec. SheetInquiry
M18M22-wire. True-Off with leakage current of 3 µA typical.  +2.3V~+27V 3 µA typical
5 µA max.
Normally ClosedM182-wire cable-20⁰C ~+60⁰C
M18M3-NO4Shielded M18 metal cylinder, IP652.5V~27V6 µANormally OpenM183-wire Cable-25⁰C ~+70⁰C
M18M3-NC4Shielded M18 metal cylinder, IP652.5V~27V6 µANormally ClosedM183-wire Cable-25⁰C ~+70⁰C
UIPS1Open board for evaluation and custom integration2.2V~16V5 µANormally ClosedBoardSoldering Pads-25⁰C ~+55⁰C
MPRF-01M18M3 sensor with RF wireless transmission and receiving capabilityM18: 2.5V~27V;
Tx: 2.5V~3.6V;
Rc: 3.0~24V
5 µANormally Closed +
Normally Open
M18+BoardsRF Wireless-25⁰C ~+55⁰C
M3SP1-NO4IP-68 waterproof for under-water applcations. ABS plastic housing encapsulated with marine grade encapsulant2.5V~16V6 µANormally Open47.9x26.1x21.03-wire Cable+10⁰C ~+50⁰C
M3SP1-NC4IP-68 waterproof for under-water applcations. ABS plastic housing encapsulated with marine grade encapsulant.2.5V~16V6 µANormally Closed47.9x26.1x21.03-wire Cable+10⁰C ~+50⁰C